After a summer filming with the Simpson brothers for their Last Off The Hill series (the best thing on the snowboarding internet this summer) Stu Innes managed to cobble together a selection of rail wizardry highlights en route back to Geneva Airport, pausing only to pikey some free WIFI before winging it back to Brexit-land.

As you've come to expect from the Ginger Ninja of the North, it's packed full of rail combos and pretzels that we're pretty sure even SSX Tricky riders would struggle to pull off, whilst simpler tricks are thrown only down some Billy-Big-Balls rails. His style has come on miles since he started popping up here on Whitelines, and not only that but he's now found some cameramen armed with more than a flip phone to film him with.

It's almost autumn now, so stay tuned for some urban dryslope before the snow starts falling, but until then why not check out Stu's Contender part he landed with us last Christmas?