With Europe experiencing its third (or is now the fourth?) below-average snow season in a row, you could forgive us for experiencing a bit of wanderlust right now, especially as the one we're currently having is by far the shittiest. Compound that with news of the West Coast of the States getting hammered with storm after storm, plus videos like the one above, and we're considering doing whatever the continental equivalent of holding a kid back a year or two in school is.

Actually, fuck fighting for lines strewn with sharks and German ski dads dragging their families off piste, Mt Bachelor looks the tits! All that beautiful, wind lip-laden terrain is just begging to be slashed, ollied and tomahawked across, and without a fart bag-clad ESF instructor insight. Or anyone else for that matter. If only Trump wasn't in charge we'd be applying for green cards this instant..

Most likely we'll just live vicariously through Forrest Devore, Randal Seaton, Jonny Sischo, Nora Beck and Will Dennis, expertly captured by JP Schlick's roaming lens. Close your eyes, click your heels and whisper "There's no place like Bachelor..."