If you're looking for the ultimate in snowboard gluttony, or lust, you couldn't do much wrong with getting a handmade stick from these chaps at SNOPLANKS. Handmade in Bend, Oregon; each and every stick has equal parts knowledge and love shaped into them.

They sort of remind of us of the early guns that big wave surfers originally rode on in the 50s and 60s - if Greg Knoll was a snowboarder, we're pretty sure he'd be riding AK chutes on a 165 swallow tail.

There's more information on the sticks over on their website, or you can hit 'em up on social media here.

If there's anything we like, it's a good motto, and theirs is one we can get down with;

" We exist in worlds of white, the deepest days, the steepest lines.

Unbound and unburdened we ride into the unknown, leaving tracks in the snow for the adventurous that choose to follow.

Handmade in Bend Oregon. By riders, for riders. "