How sick is this? Dave Lee and the Signal Every Third Thursday crew picking each other off one by one in a real life, snowboard version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. We can't say we've really played this game other than a couple of times at our geeky mates house and so don't really get all the little references here (if there are any) but we're sure all of you hardcore gamers out there will probably appreciate 'em a lot more. Snowboarding has always had a bit of a place in the gaming world with the likes of Amped, SSX, Stoked and that god-awful Shaun White game but trust the Signal guys to bring snowboarding to a totally unrelated game and make it look so badass. Take it to the park next time we say.

Apparently the upcoming episode of Every Third Thursday will be a behind the scenes look at how this was shot and put together, so look out for that one when it drops.