"Someone needs to nail a parody of this fast" said our contributing editor Nina upon seeing the trailer for Jeremy Jones' latest movie, Higher. Well, we're off to ask her what lottery numbers to pick; brace yourself for Shorter.

Jezza's groundbreaking video series gets a loving send-up by the organisers of the Pain McSchlonkey Classic, an annual event celebrating the life of Shane McConkey; get ready for Shorter.

One of the biggest names in free ride skiing before a BASE-jumping accident claimed his life in 2009, Shane was very much cut from the same cloth as Jeremy - hence why he has lended his support to this movie with a brief cameo.

The rest of it is a hoot, and easily the best fake trailer we've seen since this Art Of Flight pisstake. Hats off to Squaw Valley, the Shane McConkey Foundation and everyone else who was involved in this.