So you though Scott Stevens was good at snowboarding? Just check out what he does in his 'down time' away from the hill.

Yup, Scott could have easily been a professional skateboarder had the snow industry not got to him first. No doubt either that he would have had the same status with our brothers on asphalt too as his seemingly infinite bag of tricks including no complies, flamingos, footplants, manuals, reverts, pressure flips, hippie jumps and sex changes would melt the heart of even the most core street skater.

Put together by the Change That Tape crew from left over DOA2 B-roll footage, the end also holds a few treats from his mind-bending full snow part.

And, if you want to catch his rolling around the car park of your nearest snowdome, be sure to get out and come down to one of the stops on the UK CAPiTA tour!