Skateline is probably our favourite board related media regular media 'thing' - for us it's a joy to behold someone let off the chain and chase down their "strong" opinions on all things skateboarding. God bless it, this world needs it.

So joy of joys, this week there's a snowboarder featured in the episode, none other than Scotty Stevens!

We've all known of his genius on both snow and concrete for years now, of course, but after he put out his skate part for 2014 a week ago the skate world sat up, took notice and lapped it up.

Even better though is Gary Rogers' description of snowboarding - here it is in full:

I coulda sworn these dudes were only talented when the board was, like, y'know what I'm sayin;, strapped up on them, all the way, helmet on, jacket laced, zipped up, vagina pad on the Tampax on the pussy... Then they go down a mountain, that's what I thought you're whole routine was!

Genius! And nice to know our love for our sister sport is reciprocated... Luckily he has some nice words for Scott though:

But when you get on a skateboard all you do is boneless? No comply? Ya feet are never on the board! Godammit... God damn it Gary, look at you giving props to a snowboarder. YOU CAN'T LET HIM IN HERE AND DO THIS SHIT, he rippin'!