For us mere mortals, even hitting the smallest of park jumps can at times seem like a daunting task, let alone being the first to step up to a monster park jump. To simple minds like ours, judging the speed on an untested booter is a mind boggling concept.

Luckily, most times all of a pro rider's experience comes into play and all goes well. The guinea pig window winding may not always look pretty, but at least it means it's all safe.

Sometimes however, the plan doesn't come together, like in the video above. Seth Hill charges into a 22 metre kicker and full wack and promptly overshoots the knuckle by about double the distance.

Hats off to him though, sure enough he's up and running again, ending the edit with a cab double 9 over the same gap, so all's well that end well we suppose. At least it far a far better outcome than this monstrosity. Or this one.