Imagine that - you ride for a brand for a full ten years before they finally get it together to make a movie. Luckily for us, it looks like that meant when the call was made to start shooting for 686, Ryan Tarbell was already frothing in the start gates.

Or maybe frothing is the wrong word, as his is one of the mellowest street styles around these days, reminiscent of his mentor Chris Bradshaw and Lucas Magoon. Chillin' in the start gates?

At a time when we've been musing over a deluge of identikit urban and park edits over the summer, this is like a cool breeze wafting in over the scorched landscape that lies between winters. Groundbreaking it might not be (but it's certainly heavy enough to crush a car door three minutes in), instead it's just what we need right now: street snowboarding from a different angle.

And once you've finished up with this, head over and check out Atsushi Hasegawa's full part from the same movie for a Japanese take on Dan Brisse's madness - 686 Seconds looks like it's gonna be ace!