After what feels like mere minutes since we saw Alex Stewart's latest full part, the Rusty Toothbrush are back and badder than ever as they follow up last year's destruction of DC's Meribel chalet with this masterpiece. Are you ready to get messed up?

Joined by long time friend Giacomo Errichiello as well as Victor Loron and Thomas Chassagne, there's a repeat of the now famous chalet lap (bigger and badder, of course), mayhem in the DC/Meribel park and even a bit of storm chasing as thew snow comes in. How FUN does their whole set up there look?!

There's much more to come from these guys over the next twelve months, so stay tuned for more rusty grimaces coming to a screen near you soon!

Photo: David Andre
Alex swak blunt
Alex cab 3 stale