Living the dream doesn't quite cut it here - at the start of this winter the Rusty Toothbrush crew heaped into a fancier-than-usual people carrier for Electric's Legends Of The Volt tour, hitting up board tests, season starters and apr├ęs parties in France, Italy, Switzerland and Andorra, clocking up some serious mileage and wiping out what was left of their livers in the process.

As ever, the riding is as free flowing as the booze is this twelve-minute banger-thon, making full use out of whatever conditions they come across, be it powder or ice. The brothers Simpson even get a look in here, showing Alex Stewart and Jack Erichiello around their home resort of Avoriaz (whilst they stopped off for an exclusive WL party and premiere, ahem).

We were so stoked to get the above in our inbox this morning, an homage to road-trippin' with your buds, though they may be idiots. Legends Of The Volt couldn't have been more on the money.

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