After last month's excellent Backyard Austria episode, we've very much come to look forward to these 12 Months short films from Rome. This month's is all about the recent X Games in Tignes and features Stale Sandbech and Len Jorgensen - two thirds of the retardedly talented RK1 crew.

While Stale is wrapped up in the rather serious business of competing in the X Games, Len seems to be there just for the jolly and the contrast is refreshing to watch. Sadly, Stale wasn't quite able to stick his backside triple cork in the slopestyle finals but that didn't stop the pair from having a blast dicking around in the Tignes backcountry (and frontcountry) and sending it at the X Games parties before returning home to Norway for a much more familiar and laidback session.

How rad are Len's spins off the knuckle? Frontside 720? Backside 900?! For more Stale and Len, do yourself a massive favour and watch this RK1 park edit. It was one of our favourites of last year.