With a sick setup, a packed crowd and star-wattage from the likes of Forest Bailey, Benny Urban, Eiki Helgason and Gulli Gudmundsson, this year's Rock A Rail Jam in The Hague was always going to be special. The good folk at The Postland Theory have put together this edit - get it watched!

Great to see UK rail royalty Will Smith and Sparrow Knox among the standout riders - our Sparrow even walked away with one of the Crowdpleaser awards at the end of the night. And when you watch all of Will's hammers - 3.10 to 3.25 - it's not surprising to learn that he snapped two boards during the session... Amazing stuff!

ROCK A RAIL 2014 - The Results


1st - Rachida Aoulad

2nd - Dina Treland

3rd - Ivika J├╝rgenson


1st - Kas Lemmens

2nd - Max De Vries

3rd - Forest Bailey

CROWDPLEASERS - Eirik Nesse, Sparrow Knox

BEST TRICK - Forest Bailey