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Watch Justin Norman put down what could very well be the first ever backside rodeo stomped on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

We love seeing people taking snowboarding out of the box and making it happen in unusual scenarios and locations. Windells shaper Justin Norman and a bunch of friends hit up Mauna Kea in Hawaii - a 4,205m dormant shield volcano which has snow at its peak at certain parts of the year - and set up a pretty sick looking road gap.

While many have snowboarded on Mauna Kea before - we even included it on our list of most unusual snowboarding destinations - this is the first time we've seen any significant freestyle snowboarding on this lump of volcanic rock sat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Watch Justin Norman ride away from a perfect backside rodeo across the road gap. It's good to see that when he's not attempting backside rodeos to frontside boardslides to no avail, he's stomping the hell out of them in Hawaii.

Ka Hô`ihi!