When people think of injuries involving snowboarding, the go to is often an ACL tear. Head injuries too, even spinal ones, but asphyxiation? Rare you associate that with sliding sideways.

Unfortunately, that can be a reality when dealing with avalanche accidents, including the one that put Graham Naylor into a coma in December 2012. Thankfully it was one he was able to eventually wake up from, but it sadly lost him the use of his speech and legs.

With the help of friends, the NHS and various charities including Ability Bow, he's now progressed to being able to walk a few steps, an amazing achievement given his starting point. Now, along with a support team, he's aiming to ride 100 miles on the Prudential Ride London to Surrey race, following the GB Olympic route, raising money for the same charity that continues to provide support.

If you'd like to help Graham and his friends along the way, you can support their fundraising campaign here.