As a gift to the world, the kind folk at Transworld have made Xavier de le Rue's full part from Nation available for all to see for free and dear lord, re-watching this gave us genuine chills down our non-Alaskan spines.

Icy couloirs, drops into vertical faces, rappelling down hundred foot faces, gargantuan Alaskan spines, the sketchiest slam and luckiest escape of the season (3.34) and just about the best use of a GoPro. Ever. That was Xavier's 2012/13 season.

This is from a whole different world. Different universe.

In all honesty, this stacks up against the very best of the video parts from this year, running on par with the most highly lauded urban sections from Halldor Helgason and Scott Stevens. Except this is from a whole different world. Different universe.

So once again we must doff our caps and beanies to that universe's king of the extreme, the man with the insane plan, XdlR. We can't even comprehend what we might be seeing come the autumn.