What a treat to start your Monday morning off right: Will Smith's full part from Grindhouse's 'Mind Games', their full movie from last winter.

Filmed over a hectic winter, Will also mangaged to stack enough footy for another full part in Postland Theory's last film 'Periscoping'. Whilst we have to say the soundtrack for the latter was the best (a Rolf Harris track, released right in the midst of Operation Yewtree. Genius.), we have to say the shots he put down for GH might have just pipped the other. Though that could be our British bias.

Highlights. The beastly switch 5050, followed swiftly by that backlip down the monster long rail, the boardslide pop-across to front lip about four minutes in, and then that method into powder. We could watch Will pull methods all day really.

Yop, Will Smith stoked us out last season, and will definitely do it again come the start of this winter. Pulling another double part-er with the same crews and getting some featured shots in the upcoming WL issue 115, we doubt anyone will overlook him next season. Even if he is hard to spot in a crowd...