You know that kid at school that was annoyingly good at everything? That was Bode Merrill. In fact maybe this explains why he doesn't get the Travis Rice/Scott Stevens levels of hype he so clearly deserves; he just makes us all sick.

This extended full part from Salomon's Reckless Abandon is a snowboarding tour de force that combines burly backcountry freestyle with technical street lines, AK gnarl and straight-up mindbending one-footers. Even the tunes are good (OK, except the first one - that's garbage).

There are almost too many highlights here to list but if you're too lazy to sit through all nine minutes then skip to the gravity-defying double cork on 0.19, a switch backside 5 on 1.55 (speeding into the kind of cliff most mortals would plop off) a fastplant frontflip(wtf!) on 6.26, quite possibly the world's biggest frontflip on 7.05, a crazily stylish one-footed method 7.13 and an absolute face-melter of an ender.

As someone can be heard saying at the end, "I have no idea what just happened".