It's been quite a year for 24-year-old Victor de le Rue. He landed French Rider of the Year at The Reels Film Festival 2013, followed by a banging ender in Absinthe's latest movie Dopamine.

You saw Emilien Badoux ripping a couple of weeks back. Now Rip Curl have put together this sweet little edit, showing Victor laying down some smooth spins and throwing impressive one-footed grabs including dropping a steezy one-foot pillow stack.

There's a slightly weird bit in the middle where Victor picks up some gravel and puts it in his mouth before some operatic oompah music kicks in. But it doesn't detract from his riding, which has certainly stepped up a notch in the past year. Make sure you watch to the end to catch Victor shredding a gnarly Alaskan line at 5.44 in the manner of his bro Xavier.