How to compete when your brother is an absolute mentalist?

Answer: Do it all. One-footed.

Yes, while Xavier de le Rue has established himself as the big mountain rider par excellence, young Victor has been quietly building a reputation as one of snowboarding's best all rounders.

Hailing as he does from a gene pool that also spawned an Olympic boardercrosser, Victor is predictably not shy of speed. Witness as he tests the sound barrier on a couple of Alaskan spine lines (1.55). But what sets him apart is an ability to mix up these face melting descents with monster kicker tricks and technical street stuff – including some of the gnarliest one-foot moves in the game (perhaps only Bode Merrill comes close in the straight-up lunacy stakes). There's even time for him to don a pig costume in what looks like a nice tribute to this classic JP Solberg part.

Yes, all in all Victor de le Rue is that rare beast: an old school burly bastard.