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Scott Stevens is arguably the most creative rider on the planet right now. From his early parts with Think Thank, it became clear that he was never going to ride like everyone else. His outside the box approach to tricks and spots, combined with his ability to jib off pretty much anything makes him one of our all-time favourite riders.

And given the popularity of his edits online and the interview we did with him last winter, it seems there are a lot of you out there who agree with us. So as an end of year treat, we thought we'd put together a compilation of what are (in our opinion) his best ever parts.

Here they are, back to back for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

[part title="Thanks Brain 2007"]

Let's go back to the beginning with 2007's Thanks Brain. For Scott, it's never been about hitting the gnarliest kickers or dropping huge cliffs. It's about turning everything (and we mean everything) into a rad feature. Just check out the rad hippy jump while climbing over a climbing frame at 3.00. But - as this part goes to show - the man can boss rails and powder kickers too. He's no one-trick pony.

[part title="Stack Footy 2008"]

Stack Footy is probably Scott's best known early part. For Sean Genovese and his crew, snowboarding is all about having fun. Clearly that's what Scott is doing here. This Massachusetts rider has a keen eye for picking spots and thinking up creative new tricks. Just check that crazy board switcheroo at 2.21 and the trademark trick at 3.52.

[part title="Right Brain Left Brain 2010"]

Scott put out another banger part in Think Thank's Right Brain, Left Brain. Just check out the frontflip nosegrab off a snow shovel at 3.02 - classic Stevens. Is there anything this dude hasn't hand-planted or thrown a one-footer off?

To be honest, we started listing all the standouts tricks in this part and realised there were just too many to mention, so we won't. But we will say make sure you stick it right out to the end to catch that epic quadruple kink rail...

[part title="Tramp Skate 2012"]

OK, so it may seem a little random to throw a tramp skate edit in the middle of this rundown. But when you watch this, you'll understand exactly where Scott's style comes from. Some of these tricks are insane (see 1.08!) - and it just goes to show how many hours must have been spent perfecting them.

[part title="Defenders of Awesome 2011"]

It's one-footed insanity at its best, mixed in with some buttery goodness and mental roofdrops. Check out that oh-so-casual grind up a quadruple kink rail from 3.46, followed by a mental one-foot gap to backside boardslide.

[part title="Union Bindings Part 2013"]

His most recent path caught us off guard one slow morning to remind exactly how awesome Scott Stevens really is. Hand planting and flipping off errrr.... everything. This dude really rides to the beat of his own drum.