Starting from today, we'll be providing you with a weekly update of our pick of the powder edits, giving you guaranteed quality videos without the bother of having to wade through hours of video streams. Unless like us, you love it. If that's the case, continue!

The idea is to give you the biggest amount of stoke to go get snorkel deep in the good stuff, so without further ado, here is the first Whitelines Wednesday White Room:

We'll kick things off with a bunch of relatively unknown riders, at least to the UK audience. Ezra Racine, John Murphy, Jack Kyle, and Alex Andrews are part of the Burton Knowbuddys project; essentially this generation of riders' Un.Inc, a team with a decent budget and no direction, left to do so as they please.

Giving a bunch of young snowboarders access to cash monies to spend on whatever doesn't sound like the best business model, that is until you see the resulting edits.

You can't go wrong watching the team absolutely slay some North West powder; stay tuned for another Wdnesday Whiteroom next week!