You've seen the invisible man, well now laaaaaaydeeeeezzz and geeeerrrreentuuuurlmen, allow me to intoduce (drumroll please) the INCREDIBLE, INVISIBLE, SNOWBOARDER!!

How sick is this? We just got sent this video by a crew from Turkey called the Riders Army who filmed it in what we're assuming is their home resort of Kartalkaya.

How rad would this be if it was real? Spraying skiers would be simpler than ever, and you could snake the queue in the park (or at the bar) every time. Not to mention borrowing your mate's season pass - what liftie's gonna pull you up when they can't see your face?

You could snake the queue in the park (or at the bar) every time.

OK so the execution may be a little bit lacking in places (there's the occasional shot where you can see the outlines of the dude's knees - is that the potion wearing off? Or just some inexpert use of Photoshop's cloning tool?) but for the most part this video works really well. It kinda reminds us of this almost believable video from a few years back.

Plus it's really nicely shot, and actually it's rad watching someone ride when all you can see is the board, boots and gloves - makes you realise how much of what constitutes "style" is dependent on a riders' body position, or the way their trailing arm looks in a trick.