Allow us to bring Sy Moran back into your life. Well, Sy's doing most of the work, we're just hammering our keyboard a lá Schmidt's Cat in the hopes that people read the words as well as watching the video.

Sy's featured in a few of the Shredbots drops this season, as well as that Burton Colorado edit that tickled the interweb earlier in the season. He seems to be focusing mainly on filming (from what we can work out), and business is booming as far as we're concerned.

He's got so much pop...SO much pop. That backside rodeo at 01:04 has a hint of the Peetu Piiroinen about it, and that's not a compliment we throw around every day either; it looks like there's about 3m of actual landing left at that point.

Apart from dropping out of the sky like a meteorite, Sy backs shit up on the rails as well. Hella' ballsy back 3 over the close out to down bar.

We approve of this. Well played Mr Moran.