18 days is barely enough time to change your broadband provider, but somehow Sebastien Toutant has managed to shoot this gloriously mental three-minute part in that time.

A lot of this footage already appeared in his X Games Real Snow part - which won the popular vote by a country mile - but it's nothing you'll begrudge seeing again. The young Quebecois has the kind of mastery of snowboarding that 99.99% of people could only ever dream of, making the streets of Montreal his playground. As urban parts go, this truly has something for everyone: he goes from daredevil (that opening shot) to stuntman (2.33) via super-tech (0.42).

Interestingly, he's on blank boards for most of this. We can't imagine that he's been short of offers since leaving Ride... Anyway, whoever he goes with next can rest assured that he'll put the work in. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to watch this again.