I have no idea how we missed this one. Scott Stevens' latest video part has been out for over a month and yet somehow we only just saw it!

Made to mark the launch of his signature Union Bindings, this is classic Stevens - by which we mean that pretty much every trick is totally original and you probably won't have seen any of them before.

Part of us always suspected that Scott hid himself away somewhere over the summer months with a sketch pad and a protractor, and tried to work out what crazy combos had yet to be tried on a snowboard.

But when we interviewed him last year it emerged that the truth is in fact way more simple. He just spots an obstacle and thinks about what might be fun - and possible - to try.

It's obvious watching this (and indeed any of his parts) that Scott Stevens' sense of what is possible is different to pretty much every other snowboarder (and, let's face it, skater) out there.

But his sense of fun? Well, that's a different matter. We'd struggle to think of a rider alive whose parts communicate the sheer joy of snowboarding better.