Think Thank have been kind enough to release Sam Hulbert's part from their 2012 video 'Mind The Video Man' online, one of our favourite shred videos from the past few years.

It's so sick to see well rounded riders like this getting video airtime - pushing backcountry, park booters and urban rails all in the same part used to be standard for this game, but these days it's a rare treat to see someone throwing down in all realms of the holy trinity of snowboarding.

Powder kicker double corks, superpark 10s and some creative street jammin' all get a look in on this part, our pick being the back lip up to back nose press down on the same stair set, right about 1.08 in.

In Think Thank's words:

Sam Hulbert is one of the most well rounded shreds out there. Not many people push streets, park, backcountry and still enter contests all in the same season. Sam's been doing it for five or six, all with a classic dorky-ness that's all about the riding, the friends and the life experience. This approach leaves no room for pretense or gimmicks, it's just Sam. Look out for Sam in Think Thank Almanac this september.

We will do. Oh, we will.