If you've been living a Plato's Cave type of existence for the last couple of months then you might want to welcome yourself back to reality by watching this.

Even if you've already seen Nike's Never Not in full, you also might want to consider watching this anyway. In fact, don't even consider it. Just do it.

This is probably one of the top rider parts you'll see all year - Gigi Ruf showing off the mesmerising talent that has earned him his reputation as one of the best backcountry practitioners in the business. Just look at the uber-slow switch no grab backside 180 he throws down at 2:28.

While it's nice to catch Gigi on his own, it's definitely going to be a worthwhile investment of your time and money to head over to iTunes and sort yourself a copy of the full movie. As our Never Not review points out, it is pretty special.