We love snowboard edits starring girls, especially when the girls in question seem hell bent on pushing the boundaries of what's possible on snow.

Really memorable video parts from female riders this season have included Annie Boulanger's online full part, Jess Kimura's all-out destruction in Nike's Never Not and Desiree Melancon' section from Think Thank's Braindead.

Those are some heavy names - and if you go watch them - some extraordinary parts. One thing they all have in common is a distinct absence of guff; no contrived lifestyle shots or filler, just straight up snowboarding.

Which is why we were so stoked when Marion Haerty sent us her season edit this morning. Not only is her riding solid, it's varied - she straight up shreds the backcountry but can also put it down in the street, and not an ounce of park to be seen.

Screenshot (591)

Where she really stands out is riding powder booters; that first-hit backflip at 0.50 is proof she's not messing around, not to mention the double attempts.

As you can tell, we're pretty stoked on this and can't wait to see more from the French-based ripper, thanks Marion!