Marc 'Gladis' McClement is a talented young rider with a style all of his own. One of the Bearsden dryslope locals, Gladis came up at about the same time as the McCormick brothers and Connor Carey and rips just as hard. In fact, he landed on the cover of Whitelines before he'd reached his 18th birthday!

With seemingly limitless stores of energy, Gladis is always entertaining to ride with, always up for trying new stuff, and always pushing himself hard.

Check out his entertaining use of the Bearsden pole-jam and rails in this edit for example, or some of the more out there tricks, like the strange backside rodeo Japan thing he throws at 2.05 and then again at 2.31. Riding for Smokin Snowboards, TSA, Sandbox Helmets, Thirty Two and Spacecraft, McClement is definitely one of the Scottish riders to watch at the minute.