Think Thank drop the intro and their first part from Almanac 2014 - and it's Justin Keniston who draws first blood this time around.

In one of two movies that they will drop this year (the second being Left Turn Right Turn) meteorological readings meet urban street goodness, as expertly delivered by Justin.

Over here we picked out favourites in the switch tailpress to wallie (1.28), that seamless 50-50 kink to wall transfer at 1.43 and the roof to chimney transfer at 1.56!

If this has whet your appetite - you can download the full Think Thank Almanac on iTunes to see more - and in the meantime, here's Think Thank's Mystic Meg style intro for Justin's part, which is pretty special in itself:

"December 1st 2014: Have good style, do your tricks well. 180 out of your presses. Consider cleaning out or landing on your chimneys. Choose a creative line to ride with friends, go over vert for a better beer guzzle. Also, weatherize your single pane windows and cover your outdoor spigots because there's a strong Justin Keniston front moving in and he's super chill."