There's a host of British young guns all hungry for slopestyle success, but few as much as this one: Jamie Trinder.

If you thought Team GB put on a show in Sochi you'd be right - Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan, Jenny Jones et all certainly led the charge for slopestyle - but what you might not know is that coming up fast behind them is a whole host of new, young blood looking to build on those solid foundations.

Rowan Coultas, Katie Ormerod and Henry Shackleton are all hungry for slopestyle success, as is this guy: Jamie Trinder.

Spearheading the British Championships this year with podiums in all three freestyle categories, his ferocious, well-rounded park style isn't just good for points from judges - it's pretty sweet to watch as well.

Just check out the cab underflip nose grab 53 seconds in - the stuff of dreams! Same goes for the boardslide to frontflip right at the end, it looks like it was one hell of a season for Trinder.