Boom! Jamie Nicholls full part from last season was first shown at the Nike Never Not London premiere last night, where it got a predictably big cheer.

For all of those who missed it, here it is in all its glory. By his own admission Jamie did not have "as much time as [he] would have liked" to put together this part, what with having to compete in Olympic qualifiers and concentrating on slopestyle last season.

But given that (as he told us yesterday) "it was put together in about a week" this is one seriously heavy park and rails section. Check out the cab 10 shot from above, and the flatspin 1260 at 1.17. Insane.

And that's before we even got onto the rails, Jamie's specialty. Most of them were shot in and around Leeds on a couple of snowy days last winter, including the seriously impressive boardslides through the kinky-as-fook Dalikfodda HQ rail (the opening shots) and the super-smooth slaying of the quad-kink at 2.17.

And then there's the mind-blowingly tech final shot, which just to rub it in, is switch... Anyone else got a cab 3 on, to switch nosepress switch backside 180 out? Nope, thought not.