"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

(Wrongly) attributed to Walt Disney, that's the kind of guff that motivational speakers use to sign a fresh batch of rubes up to their latest self-help seminar. However, it seems like it's also used with a similar lack of irony by Scott Stevens' subconscious.

Defying all rules of physics and biology (not only are his tricks getting more complex, he seemingly hasn't aged either), Sleepy has cobbled together all of his recent footage into one briliant, endearingly shabby mash-up. Eight-plus minutes, and not a second of filler.

There's also the save of the century at the 2.54 mark - while most of us would be scraping ourselves off that multi-kink, Yawgoon Brian Skorupski keeps his head (and his teeth) with the mother of all style-outs.