After royally screwing his knees at the end of last season attempting a double backie off a wallride, Heikki Sorsa ended up having a much more successful and injury free season this winter. (Be warned, squeamish types, the footage of the surgery at the start of the edit is pretty fookin' gnarly...)

Sorsa, who has been filming parts for over a decade, once again spent the winter filming with his Finnish buddies Eero Ettala and Lauri Heiskari as part of their Cooking With Gas series.

Predictably, his part is full of hammers although if you've seen Lauri's part yet you'll no doubt recognise many of the spots. Should riders in crews shotgun spots so that they're not repeated in each rider's part?

Look out for Eero's part (and no doubt his take on the very same spots) dropping soon!