Watch our exclusive interview with Dan Brisse about his season just gone here.

You only need one adjective to describe Dan Brisse: big. And when Dan goes big, he goes huge.

Seriously, looking through the spots he's chosen for his part in Transworld's Nation most of them are at best too massive for the average mortal, at their peak just pure lunacy

Take the handrails: a boardslide would be gnarly, the Brisseburger 450s on. The roof drops: just popping off of them would be a feat - Dan finds a rail on the top and switch front blunt-270s it. Over a fence. The highlight of the whole 4.30 though has to be his face after landing the rodeo front board. Over a truck.

Then to top it off we get a peach of a backcountry part to finish - Alaskan spines thrown into the deal along with some hefty booters. Not many riders spring to mind than can go this huge on any terrain, Pat Moore yes... any others?

Say what you will about 'the stunts', but we defy you to watch this and see anything other than someone pushing snowboarding to the absolute limit. Dan Brisse, we salute you once more...