After his wee cameo in Ben Ferguson's Presents... part, we couldn't wait to get our eyes feasting on Danny 'The Dude' Davis' part this year - it's been a long time coming! After an unexpectedly serious opening, things get a little more 'Frendly' as it's revealed that his X Games halfpipe gold medal retaining run was put together thanks to a heavy training week... in Japan.

That's right, it's little wonder that his natural, flowing style sets him apart from most other pipe riders on the contest circuit right now - unlike a lot of other elite level snowboarders he actually goes snowboarding. And with Terje Haakonsen no less.

Through in Mark McMorris, some contest footage and some repeat shots with Ben Ferguson and you've got one of the slickest parts we've seen this winter so far. Nothing crazy, it's just crazy good, and a blessed relief to see someone so obviously on the top of their game not taking it too seriously.

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