Bryan Fox is often described as a snowboarders' snowboarder, and with good reason. He's powder-hound at heart, but he also got a big bag of tricks that he's not afraid to bust out, as he shows here.

But it's not just Bryan's riding that his fellow shredders love, it's his attitude. As one of the key driving figures behind the Drink Water campaign, Bryan isn't afraid not only to nail his colours to the anti-corporate mast, but also to put his money where his mouth is, eschewing any energy drink contracts that might come his way.

He is of course still sponsored by Quiksilver and Nitro, but famously refused to stick stickers on his board at Travis Rice's Ultranatural last season (one of the most watched snowboard events on the planet) in favour of hand-drawing their logos on his stick.

When he's not taking part in comps like that, he'll be found filming with the Videograss crew, stacking footy like this. What's not to like?