As if the once-coveted role of video editor wasn't endangered enough, here's Anto Chamberland making a strong case for just spaffing all your footy out raw, as nature intended. It's the best bits from the various film projects he was part of in 2016/17 - and it's insane.

Where once a banger part's soundtrack would jump straight to the top of many a rider's playlist, here things are stripped right back to the sounds of board hitting rail/wall/fence. There's also the occasional camera shutter, blowtorch and post-slam groan, plus yibble from Torstein Horgmo and Craig McMorris - and if the mic had got close enough, you might even have heard Anto's thumping heartbeat as he dropped into that close-out at the 6.51 mark.

There's the bare minimum of slow motion, and no timelapses or fancy editing of any kind have been deemed necessary. Somewhere out there, Justin Hostynek is having a little cry.