Aviemore-based Angus Leith is probably best known as the lynchpin of the WBB (Wee Breck Bastards) crew, the crew of Brits who hang out in the Colorado resort each winter making entertaining edits and occasionally ending up on the wrong side of the locals and the law.

But while he's never one to shy away from piss-taking or having a good time, Gus can really ride as well.

He more than held his own when he featured in one of Rome's recent 12 Months Edits alongside the likes of Bjorn Leines and now he's put out this banger of a season part.

Ok so there's a fair bit of messing about going on, but there are also front 9s and 10s off the Freeway Park kickers in Breckenridge. Carry on like that and he'll be in danger of being like a proper athlete or something!