Alex Stewart you deranged, beautiful madman... Rusty Toothbrush's spokesman is back with a full part cut from last winter's antics in Les Deux Alpes plus some summer footage from Australia & New Zealand, unseen other than on some very dark and dusty corners of the interweb...

Whilst 'full parts', 'season edits' and 'summer shred' clips litter your feed these days, there are none quite like this. No where else will you see snowboarding done on four-legs, James Bond doing backcountry back 7s or boomerang boards. We'd section him to see if his mind is working correctly, but we wouldn't want to spoil the fun for the rest of us.

Even if you strip away the costumes, props and strange features, you still have someone who's pretty damn good at the old snowboarding - the one-footed back three pays testament to that. But joyfully packaged all together, there's no way anyone could type #snowboardingisdead after watching this.

In the language of his newly-adopted home: Ti salutiamo!