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Annie Boulanger, one of the earliest female pioneers in backcountry. Photo: Dakine

Early female pioneers had a tough time convincing their sponsors to let them film rather than ride in contests - particularly the Annie Boulanger and Victoria Jealouse generation. This pair were pushing boundaries for female snowboarding before anyone else. Now there are a whole host of women climbing peaks, hitting giant kickers and carving up the pipe for film.

In the past few years alone, a number of all-female crews such as P.S. Snowboarding and Lipstick Productions have created some truly sick movies, opening up the floor for more female riders to get their name out there. These edits don't get shown enough - and yet they really show some of the best female talent out there.

So make yourself a cup of tea, grab a packet of Jaffa Cakes and sit back with these nine awesome full parts. Like Jess Kimura's part in Defenders of Awesome - you haven't lived 'til you've seen that. If you didn't believe in female shredding capabilities before, you will now.

[part title="Annie Boulanger - Optimistic?"]

We'll start by kicking off with a classic part from 2007 Absinthe flick Optimistic? featuring the legendary Annie Boulanger. The Canadian shredder was the first woman since Victoria Jealouse to join the ranks of the best big-mountain riders in snowboarding. Up until this movie, Absinthe had never filmed with a woman before.

Annie started out making a name for herself in competitions, winning the US Open quarterpipe in 2001 and slopestyle in 2002. Multiple injuries however meant she was unable to compete past 2003, so she grabbed a sled and started making video parts. Many didn't believe she could sustain a career as woman by just filming, and yet here she is - killing it alongside Gigi, Nicolas Müller, Romain de Marchi and the rest. Annie will always be in our minds as one of snowboarding's greatest riders.

[part title="Cheryl Maas - Open Air"]

She may hail from a land of no mountains, but Dutch rider Cheryl Maas is one of the world's best all-round female riders. She charges aggressively with everything she's got - whether it's in insanely deep pow in Jackson Hole or at the superpark in Mayrhofen.

Back in 2011, Cheryl became the first woman to land a 900 in a slopestyle competition at the X Games, while also becoming a mum for the first time.

Her Open Air series took an entire season to make - but it's pretty banging. This full part collects together the best clips from all the episode, proving just how hard this lady can rip. Alternatively, watch them individually below:

Holland to Colorado


Finland and the O.A.C.

A Week in Wyoming


[part title="Hana Beaman - Intervals"]

Three-times X Games medallist Hana Beaman has been pushing women's riding for over a decade now. She started out riding contests but, like so many, Hana was won over by the freedom of backcountry riding and chose to focus her energies on shredding the freshest faces on the planet. She's locked down huge full parts since 2006 including Ro Sham Bo, La La Land, The Storming and the P.S. webisodes. We've chosen her full part from Intervals to demonstrate just how far Hana has come in her 12 years riding pro. Don't miss her massive backside 720 over the epic Baker Gap at 2.11.

[part title="Helen Schettini - Hel of a Time"]

We've got a lot of respect for Helen. Not that long ago she was a lesser-known name on the riding radar, now she's stomping major parts in Adidas' season blockbuster Naturally alongside Eric Jackson and Jake Blauvelt. She's certainly the newest female rider to carve a career for herself solely through making video parts in the backcountry. We can't wait to see what she has to show over the next few years.

Her web series Hel of a Time dropped just a few months ago. This full part shows all the heaviest sections in one edit or you can watch all the episodes below. Check her monster pillow line from 2.11 onwards.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

[part title="Jess Kimura - Defenders of Awesome"]

Oh man, if there's one word to describe Jess Kimura, it's charger. This girl can rip in the truest sense of the word. Like Helen, Jess is a relative newbie to the scene but you wouldn't guess it from the way she rides.

In this full part from CAPiTA, she takes to the streets with absolutely no fear, stomping some heavy features, big-ass drops and a crazy one-footer at the end. We're big fans of Jess's no bullshit attitude and totally rad outlook on snowboarding. Check out our interview with Jess at Hemel last year.

[part title="Kimmy Fasani - 2112"]

When other riders are asked to name female freeriders who inspire them, Kimmy Fasani's name always crops up. This Mammoth native won Snowboarder Mag's title of Ms Superpark in 2011. She was the first woman to lay down a double backflip in both the park and backcountry. Her full part with Standard's movie 2112 marked a defining moment in her career. After leaving the world of contests behind, she's taken to filming, demonstrating pure steeze in the park and on powder. Just check the gobsmackingly huge cliff drops at 0.25 and monster kickers from 1.29 onwards - man, she can take some serious slams.

[part title="Marie-France Roy"]

Like Annie Boulanger and Victoria Jealouse, Marie-France Roy blasted her way onto the filming scene and has solidly stood her ground as a backcountry dominator. She secured full parts early on with Rome and Red Bull at just the right time - sponsors were finally beginning to see the merit in women solely riding backcountry, an area they'd previously written off as "un-marketable".

We were lucky enough to interview Marie-France in this month's issue about her backcountry career. She's got a real soulful attitude to riding and passion for raising awareness about saving the environment. Plus she takes on rails just as easily as 30ft cliff drops and monster lines. Just check out 1.13 onwards.

[part title="Torah Bright - Wanderlust"]

Torah Bright has long been the wonder woman of competitive riding. With countless X Games medals, TTR world champs and an Olympic gold, Torah has been the lady to beat in the halfpipe for nearly a decade. Now, she's preparing to take on all three disciplines at Sochi 2014. If she succeeds, she'll be the first snowboarder ever to do so.

We had to show off this classic full part from Torah in Wanderlust, a collaborative film between Roxy and production company Peep Show. It shows her doing what she does best, bossing the Park City pipe with massive straight airs and super smooth rotations - set to an easy, mellow soundtrack. A piece of pure heavenly riding.

[part title="Victoria Jealouse - Anomaly"]

Last, but very much not least, Victoria Jealouse was the fore-mother of female snowboarding as it stands today. For nearly two decades, she's battled against adversity, becoming the stand-out female backcountry snowboarder of her day. From climbing the spines of Alaska to shredding the untouched faces of BC, she has truly progressed the scene of big mountain snowboarding.

Her part in Teton Gravity Research's 2007 film Anomaly shows exactly why Victoria made a name for herself. Just check that smooth drop at 0.33. When viewed in the context of all these other riders, she may just seem like another backcountry shredder - but Victoria really was the first to stomp it and show the world exactly what girls can really do.