Here's a video to make even the most wispy-moustached millenial feel past it; 14-year-old Justin Phipps has been hitting the streets, and he's looking unstoppable.

Ozzy Henning opens Justin's latest edit with some spiel about the efforts required to get urban shots. Most riders of Justin's age that we meet on the mountain are all about lapping the park from dawn to dusk like hyperactive Duracell Bunnies, but this kid must have the patience of a saint.

Tackling everything from multi-kinked handrails to roadside art installations, he's taken advantage of those young knees and put together a stormer of a part.

Looks like he's even mastered the Dan Brisse technique of wearing a hi-vis vest to confound the authorities - despite not being old enough to drive a moped, let alone a road-gritter.