Teddy Koo, Sage Kotsenburg, Alex Sherman, Zak Hale and Ozzy Henning take the hot-seat as the first runs from I Ride Park City this season hit our screens!

Teddy Koo's opens it out in style switch front lip to nosebonk, followed by everyone's new favourite Sage, flipping over his GoPro; and then comes Alex in his baseball inspired headwear, with a front three tucknee and tidy front board through the C rail to add into the mixer.

But even after Zak Hale's quick half-cab to method cameo - and as tight as the rest of the crew are here - it's Ozzy Henning, still rocking his cast from Rome's Kazakstan trip, that makes this edit stand out for us. Pressing and buttering the green globe, holding that switch shifty forever (1.53), bringing a back five roast beef to the table (1.56)- as well as the sleepy crail back 180 (2.03) and of course that roast beef backside tweak to end!