Imagine this, your local mountain/slope organises their annual event, the usual set up of a haggard looking hip-to-flat and a collection of interesting/antique rails. Regardless, everyone is hyped on in, the usual big cheers for someone spinning a seven topless and even bigger cheers for the guy trying naked backflips. Good times all round.

But wait, that guy visiting the resort has a rather good method doesn't he? And his friend too, you'd call that a strong classical style wouldn't you? Oh actually... OH MY GOD THAT'S TERJE HAAKONSEN AND NICOLAS MULLER!

That's exactly what happened at a small local's contest at Revelstoke in Canada, the two methodists above were joined by Canadian hero Mark McMorris and star of 'Naturally,' Jake Blauvelt.

Can you imagine the stoke that must have been flying around as these masters of shred attacked the course alongside the natives? Unreal.