Swedish crew the Random Bastards have dropped some bloomin' brilliant snowboard movies over the years that have taken some great snowboarding, a whole load of irreverence, odd music and no-bullshit editing and bunged it all into a blender. This year's effort is the crew's 10th movie to date and Blue Balls is everything we've come to expect from these Random Bastards and more. From Zebbe Landmark's part and its dubstep version of the Bloodhound Gang's 'Bad Touch' to Dylan Alito's banger of a part (America, fuck yeah!) this is all snowboard movie gold. Featuring the likes of Kalle Ohlson, Brandon Hobush and Ludde Lejkner, plus countless other Scandis that we're less familiar with, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to predict that snowboarding in this is decent as well.

If you enjoyed the movie and are looking for some extra entertainment, be sure to check out this 10 minute epic of the crew getting compared to terrorists by some irate Swedish residents.