If you caught Warp Wave's excellent Aurora Boardealis last autumn, you may have wondered where the radically shaped planks they were turning and burning on came from. United Shapes is a fairly young board brand, cranking out fun-looking whips for getting low on, though as Felix Mobarg, Zander Blackmon, Gray Thompson, Hannah Eddy, Christian Connors, Brynn Hayes and Curtis Woodman show in the above black and white eyeball assault, these things will pretty much do everything and go anywhere.

There's banked slaloms, backcountry turns, powder booters, quarter pipes, park jumps and pistes, all cut in with archival NASA footage for some reason, though bizarrely it all works. These things look like they'll send you to the moon, and given that Elon Musk's SpaceX programme is outside our editorial budget, we'll happily give one of these a go instead.