Being a Dutch crew and coming from a country that's also flat as a pancake (ok, we've got it slightly better than them), we feel like we've got something in common with Postland Theory.

Like some of our best riders, most of the crew cut their teeth in indoor domes and they've created some ridiculously talented jibbers like Rachida Aoulad here. Turns out that Postland Theory have a full length movie called Periscoping coming out this autumn and we'll hold our hands up and admit we totally missed it when it dropped a few weeks back.

On top of some super talented Dutch riders like Kas Lemmens (who cleaned up at this year's Head Jib Factory) and Gerben Verweij, turns out the flick will also star our very own Will Smith! Have a gander at the trailer and look out for Will at the 1:37 mark. We're presuming he met a bunch of these guys when he rode in last year's Rock a Rail event in The Hague. Pretty rad of them to invite him to shred in their movie eh?

Will has also been busy filming with the Grindhouse this season all over Iceland, Finland and the US and we're eagerly awaiting seeing that (currently unnamed) one as well.

Periscoping features the riding of: Bob Van Unnik, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Joey Van Essen, Kas Lemmens, Luc Buthker, Max De Vries, Rachida Aoulad, Steef Van Der Meer, Wessel Van Lierop and Will Smith.