We're still not sure who decided it was time to remake Point Break - and, based on the virtual garment-rending being done online by the fans of the original, it's not been the most popular idea ever.

Part of the 'oh dear God no' reaction was the decision to leave the waves and have the Swayze-and-Reeves-aping newbies take on other "extreme" sports too, one of which is snowboarding.

At least when they came to hiring stunt doubles, the film-makers went right to "the cream of the cream" as Xavier De Le Rue puts it. Presumably no-one told him he could stick to French for that bit...

Joining Xav on location were Ralph Backstrom and Mike Basich, making the crew's combined big mountain experience about as formidable as you could ask for.

Well, almost - while there's a flash of a Jones board, but no sign of Jeremy himself. Presumably the film-makers wouldn't agree to his request to have the bank robbers spend hours skinning up the mountain rather than taking a heli.