Peace Park 2015 took place in Wyoming, and was yet another step in the right direction for interesting, innovative park riding that, to be frank, dumps on traditional slopestyle setups.

This year's offering resembled a supercharged skatepark, with as many different-sized transitions as mastermind Danny Davis could work into the terrain.

Christian Haller, Matt Ladley and Ben Ferguson were among the standoutsof a packed field, each pushing the others to up their game and find new lines.

Airtime is in plentiful supply throughout, but there's also a carve montage that'll moisten the undergarments of anyone who likes to lay down a trench.

On top of all that there's a look at Peace Park's first pow day, plus a brief history of Danny's ascent from grom to legend. We knew it already, but Peace Park 2015 confirms it further still - the boy done good.